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The Profanity V2 is for wakestyle riders who want a faster, stiffer board with insane pop. Our unique vertical sandwich core gives us absolute control over the flex pattern, so you retain total control on the water. It’s the only board our Ronix sponsored team riders reach for every session.

Rider feedback has helped refine the continuous rocker and single to double bottom concave for ultra smooth carving and the most progressive release from the water line when it’s time to pop. We’ve introduced new, ultra low profile, slider friendly fins. Line these up with the twin channel in the tip and you have more grip than you’ll ever need. For hitting kickers and sliders our unique, beveled, No Trip rail ensures you won’t catch your front edge no matter how hot you land. 

The Profanity v2 is built to handle the abuse that sliders and kickers can hand down no matter how hard you ride. Set-up with your favorite bindings it’s the ultimate wakestyle weapon.

Vertical Sandwich core:
The profanity is our first board to use the new Vertical Sandwich core where we bond a laminated Paulownia wood core section to a high density foam base layer. This new construction allows us to blend the light weight and fast rebound of a wood core with the added strength and impact resistance of a foam core.
PVC Core Surround:
Our new PVC Core Surround design allows the flex pattern to be pushed right out into the tips giving you an incredibly stable platform between your bindings, providing insane pop for launching tricks. It also allows us to bevel the underside of the deck upwards by 1.5mm right across the rail, ensuring that no matter how you hit a slider you aren't going to catch your toe edge.

Twin Channel Tip:
A quick planing single to double concave bottom shape flows into a twin-channel tip, providing added lift for reduced drag and making the board easier to ride in lighter conditions. Our twin-channel also provides added straight line grip allowing you ride smaller fins or even finless for hitting kickers and sliders.

Controlled Flex Tips:
A great board needs progressive flex to be able to resist the low frequency impacts of heavy landings and still be able to soak up the high frequency chatter generated by riding through choppy water at speed. The Profanity does just that to give you the perfect blend of comfort and control.
Triax Lay-up:
The Profanity uses multiple weight bi-ax and uni-directional cloth in a ‘0 -45 +45’ layup to provide precise control of board flex, ensuring a lively feel and swift reaction to rider input. Added Biax cloth helps resist the additional torsional loads generated when wearing bindings so your Profanity will never feel like a wet noodle no matter how hard you charge.
Binding compatible inserts:
The Profanity is built from the ground up to take bindings, we've integrated a six inch insert spacing to accommodate the latest wakeboard bindings while still allowing you the option to run seven inch straps and pads if you aren't ready for bindings yet.





Big air
New School
Light wind
Big surf


The BEST Global Team present the 2012 Profanity wakestyle board:

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134x41.5cm SOLD OUT ZAR4900.00
138x42cm SOLD OUT ZAR4900.00
142x42.5cm SOLD OUT ZAR4900.00

* Complete price include the deck, fins and Best Lux Air footpads and straps.

* Demo Day special: pay on our demo days and get 15% OFF!!

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