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Time to wake up

We live and breath wakestyle with the world's best wakestylers riding with us! The best need the best and that's why we created this beast! The whole design and construction of the Profanity is entirely concentrated to deliver 100% wakestyle performance. The bottom has a quad concave shape with four channels so it claws itself into the water giving you an incredible grip and control even without fins. Who wants fins anyways, when there are rails to hit? That is why we hooked the Profanity up with a sintered grinding base, similar to a snowboard. You can even wax it before you hit the obstacles. The bullet proof block inserts for boots are fitted into a complex construction of Fiberglass, Carbon, Supremo Wood and Carbon Basalt Hybrid Fiber Tech that lets you experience a whole new level of control. The 3D torsion / show absorber on top, the Hexpads and the optimized rocker add comfort when you land your tricks. Enough talking, now it's time to wake up and go shredding!


Product features:

This season we've constructed our high end boards with eco friendly Basalt fiber reinforcement. It's 20% stronger than fiberglass so we can make our boards lighter and better damped than the competition. This season we added the Rock to your board because we know how you like to roll.
Our Profanity and Pro-creator boards come with our new Bullet proof Bottom Sheet. Because we know you are going to ride these boards on any obstacle that gets in your way we made the bottom sheets as tough and as durable as possible. Though we might not be able to guarantee them against all forms of misuse we make sure that your board will keep on sliding for as long as is humanly possible.
100% dedicated to wakestyle the Profanity comes with binding compatible inline inserts. Anchored to the board with our Uni-D tape reinforcement and Beech blocks there’s no better way to be connected to your board.
The underside of the Profanity has been completely redesigned. The quad channels have been extended towards the center of the board for maximum grip and the double concave have been tuned to give earlier planing and maximum lift.

Riding style:


Product manual for Best Profanity V4: coming soon

Best 2015 Team video:

All prices are inclusive of 14% VAT and can be subject to exchange rate and other fluctuations.

137x42cm ZAR 8 390.00
141x43cm ZAR 8 390.00

* The above prices include the deck and G10 fins.

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