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The Stubby is a dumpster/fish style shortboard and is available in two sizes, 5’4 and 5’8. Perfect for smaller surf, with its shorter outline, flatter nose and a more width up front the Stubby is a real speed generator perfect for boosting big airs and hacking tight turns. In smaller surf the quad fin option and wide square tail helps maximize drive, giving you a loose feeling in your turns that’s just perfect for beach breaks. With a lot of curve in a short package the Stubby will help you explore the pocket and keep it on the rail.

Built with a ¾ length wood deck the Stubby has all the ding resistance you need without the added weight of glass reinforcement. Our multi-layer EPS Wave Core delivers amazing feel and control underfoot whether you choose to use the full deck pad set or prefer to wax and go. The Stubby allows you to choose between a thruster or quad fin set-up to get the perfect balance of drive and bite.

STUBBY SIZES: 5'4" 5'8"
Board Package includes Deck-pads, Straps, Hex-Core Sandwich Fins/Quad x4fit this and your own choice of straps for strapped riding.

Lighter and stronger, our multi-layer EPS Wave Core takes surfboard design and performance to the limits, delivering precise control of flex and responsive feel on every wave.
Variable rail profile, tuned to smooth out chop and deliver minimum drag for fast planing in low winds.
Choose between a thruster or quad fin set-up to match your wave and riding style.
The Wood Sandwich Deck

Product manual for Best Stubby (4.12MB)

The Pursuit - 2013 Wave Video:

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Stubby 5'8" ZAR6900.00

Above price includes the board, deckpads, footstraps and quad fins.

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