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Pivoting steelspreader bar
The articulating hook design helps to relieve pressure on the bar ends and reduce bar lift. Kite-specific designed hook pivots toward the kite reducing bar lift. Marine grade non corrosive stainless steel construction.
10" [ 25cm ]

Steel spreader pad
Unique hook design provides the ultimate line retention. Features include shorter hook for better control,crossbar for hold down webbing strap and kite-specific design. Marine grade non corrosive stainless steel construction.
6" [ 15cm ]
10" [ 25cm ]
12" [ 30cm ]

Spreader bar pad
The spreader bar pad is a must for rider comfort and is compatible with all DAKINE harnesses and most others. Complete with kite knife pocket. Compatible with all DAKINE harnesses, the 10mm padding protects ribs and helps prevent bar lift. Includes centred knife pocket for quick access.
6" [ 15cm ]
10" [ 25cm ]
12" [ 30cm ]

Spreader bar, pad& knife complete
The Hammerhead Spreader Bar has a unique hook shape and length to keep the cener line hooked when needed, but also allows for easy unhooking. Complete with Spreader Bar Pad and Hook Knife. Assembled and ready to attach to any DAKINE harness with Power Clip Lock Buckles .
6" [ 15cm ]
10" [ 25cm ]
12" [ 30cm ]

Hook knife & pouch
Aluminum knife with two stanless steel cutting blades. Includes the pocket that can be mounted anywhere on your harness or on your spreader bar for easy access. Features include two opposing stainless steel cutting blades, anodized aluminum handle and pouch for easy harness attachment.

Clip lock
The Clip Lock can be used as a secondary lock on any Power Clip Buckle or Kingpin spreader bar. Features include snap-on for added connection security and press-down removal.

Webbing & buckle kit
Replacement webbing and steel buckles for DAKINE Pyro and Thermoform waist harnesses 2008 year model and older. Includes webbing and 2 steel buckles.

All prices are inclusive of 14% VAT and can be subject to exchange rate and other fluctuations.

Pivoting steel spreader bar ZAR329.00
Steel spreader bar ZAR250.00
Spreader bar pad ZAR149.00
Spreader bar, pad & knife ZAR450.00
Hook knife & pouch ZAR99.00
Clip lock ZAR39.00
Webbing & buckle kit ZAR240.00

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