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DVD "Kitesurfing - a comprehensive guide"

“Kitesurfing - a comprehensive guide with world champion Kristin Boese” is a complete learning program for kitesurfers of all levels. Divided into 4 different chapters (beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert) the viewer can either follow the progression by playing the entire DVD or quickly jump to the desired chapter and/or trick. While this DVD covers all moves from body drag to the first aerial handle-pass it does not substitute a kitesurf beginner lesson (taking a lesson with a certified instructor is strongly advised by the author). All tricks are shown from the riders perspective (from behind) to make it easier for the student to think through the moves. Slow motion and split screen pictures are used to illustrate key-points.

By offering this DVD for an extremely affordable price Kristin wants to give kiteboarders around the world a tool to improve quickly and bring kitesurfing closer to the masses.


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Kitesurfing DVD ZAR299.00

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